I recently read this article, written by Alden Wicker for QZ
It reinforced very strongly how I feel about consumerism and how we need to tackle our view of the world. As much as we try, it is, sadly, not enough to just recycle or source sustainably. These actions only work on a small scale. We need to do more to have an impact. However, I realise it is a frustrating thing to know this and yet also know that you are just one person, trying to do your bit, knowing you're not getting anywhere. It's so easy to just throw in the towel. Short of flying out to the rainforest to volunteer your time, it's difficult to make a real difference. Each generation has its own worries, and for ages I didn't know what ours was. But now I know that the huge environmental issues facing the planet is my cross to bear. I know I will worry about it forever.

That feeling lives with me every day. I battle with myself that painting animals is not going to help, and it's not. But it's what I was born to do, so I have to make it count somehow.
So I have decided that with each sale of an artwork I make, a percentage of the money will go to a suitable charity. To me this is still a small gesture. But, until I can get to the rainforest, it's a start.
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